Restoration works are to be made at all levels. Not only does the castle as a building must be maintained, so must the infrastructure and the roofs are kept in good shape and also the numerous works of art. In the historic blacksmith at the castle Hochosterwitz in old forge and Platter technology not only old weapons and armor will be restored, but also produced new weapons and armor. The 600 year old family forged the family Schimberg has supplied not only 450 years ago the first time the castle Hochosterwitz with weapons, but is up to the present time since the old weapons. Hans Berger of Molly Schmidt (Austria) the world’s last specialist in ancient metalwork and was therefore commissioned by the Vatican, the Papal Swiss Guard with new armor should have. These will be made part of the family in the iron forge at Molly Road in Startle and partly to the castle Hochosterwitz. Demonstrated alongside Mr. Schimberg his blacksmithing for visitors to the castle Hochosterwitz and shows such as pictures, sculptures and weapons must be permanently restored and professionally.