Steadfast and loyal to the royal family Khevenhüller-Metsch

The Metsch Khevenhüller-Guard is a figurehead of the royal family and tradition is rarely seen in its vitality Sun Since 1600 to protect and guard the honor guard, the Royal Family and assures the castle and the castle low Osterwitz Hochosterwitz. Initially mercenaries, then guards: the contemporary Changes in the methods of order fulfillment, the guardsmen, and with them the environment in which they operate subject.

Today, a trained soldier, a motivated volunteers in the traditional Renaissance uniform. With the mercenaries of the 16th Century, it also connects Today the firm conviction that the royal family their successors, deserve that, in order to use them – “if required by the honor, to the utmost for them add “. Of course, it has a special charm, an international environment, camaraderie to learn and live out Sicherheitsmetier know. With these values, learn the Guard use its strengths and develop friendships, faith and Conviction.

About the Honor Guard Khevenhüller Metsch