The siege of Hochosterwitz Castle by the troops of Margarete Maultasch

Have you ever attended a knight’s festival? If not, you will have the opportunity in August. At the foot of Hochosterwitz Castle, the area where horses were once cared for will be transformed from August 7th to 15th into a medieval marketplace that Carinthia has never seen before. People in medieval robes, brave knights and damsels move between hardworking craftsmen who display their workpieces and which visitors can watch live at work.


Battle of Hochosterwitz

On Saturday and Sunday, 7./8. and 14./15. August the battle of Hochosterwitz is re-enacted at 5 p.m. A spectacle that clearly illustrates the siege of Hochosterwitz Castle by the troops of Margarete Maultasch.


Our program

During the day there is an exciting program with jurisdictions, captivating exhibition fights, sword fighting training, medieval games and entertainment for children such as face painting, blacksmithing, a witch flying school, medieval music and a funny miner’s examination.


Tournament ground at the foot of Hochosterwitz Castle:

    • Large market place
      Bowmakers, pottery, glass-blowing, leather goods, medieval shoes and much more
    • Our taverns provide food and drink
    • Jurisdictions – exhibition fights
    • children’s entertainment – medieval games
    • Participation in sword fighting training
    • Face painting
    • Forging Show
    • Flying school for witches
    • Squire exam for children
    • Medieval music

One of the greatest battles in Carinthia is brought back to life.


Period: 08/07/2021 to 08/15/2021

Prices tournament place + castle:

  • 1 day – 19 Euro per person
  • 2 days – 35 Euro per person
  • 1 week – 75 Euro per person

* Any price changes as well as printing and typesetting errors are subject to change

Prices tournament site without castle:

  • 1 day – 10 Euro per person
  • 2 days – 15 Euro per person

The castle’s regular opening times apply.
The tournament area at the foot of the castle is expected to be open from 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. during the event. The opening times are based on the currently applicable COVID-19 protective measures. The regular opening times apply to the castle itself.

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